Saturday, April 10th   10AM to 5PM Rain or Shine!

Let's face it, during the past year we have all had a lot of time to straighten up our homes and garages.  Sure we threw things out and donated things to charity.  But what about those things that were too good to let go but no longer critical to your life? How do you dispose of those?

During that same period most of us were deprived of our favorite car shows, garden shows, knitting shows and club events.  On April 10th Paul's Motors invites you to come and have an outdoor, socially distanced, properly masked, fun hobby experience. We are setting up our facility like a huge flea market for one day only. 

People wishing to sell can call ahead and reserve a table for $20 and bring those items they wish to sell.  For people who wish to privately sell a car of theirs, we invite them to bring their car and display it in our Car Corral with a specially prepared for sale sign that will also have a fee of $20.

What if you just want to come, visit, look and perhaps buy some of the most diverse collection of items in New Jersey including:  an antique anvil, model airplanes, books, manuals, guitars, records, model cars, car parts, clothing, gumball machines, ceramics and things you might never expect !! 

        Totally free to attend!  And we invite you to join us at: 
              Paul's Motors, 990 Goffle Road Hawthorne, N.J.

If you have any questions, please call and ask for Diane at:  973-427-5777

Here are some of the items that will be available on the 10th!

Click on one of the cars below to find out more information.