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Paul's Ten Commandments for Winter Driving

December 2022

Winter temperatures will be below normal, while precipitation and snowfall will be above 

normal according to the Farmer's Almanac. What should you do regarding your vehicle?


Here are Paul's Motors Ten Commandments to take on the winter freeze:


1.     Check all tires to make sure the tread is good;


2.     Make sure it has the proper amount of anti-freeze/coolant;


3.     Make sure wipers are good;


4.     Validate wipers solvent fluid is full;


5.     Give your battery a deep cycle battery load test (for an additional fee at Paul's Motors);


6.     Make sure that all exterior lighting is functional;


7.     Have a foldable shovel, an ice scraper, and snow brush - NJ state law states that ALL the snow has to be removed before it is roadworthy;


8.     Always wear your sunglasses when driving to reduce snow blindness;


9.     Make sure that your Roadside Emergency Kit is up to date (first aid kit, flares, zero gauge battery cables, portable cell phone charger, thermal blanket, kitty litter, water, and granola bars);


10.  Paul's Motors can make sure that your car is ready for only $89.95 (any fluids/parts additional). Click here for an appointment with Paul's Motors.

When is time on your side, part deux?
November 2022

Got some feedback on one of our recent newsletters regarding timing belts. There are two type of engines that one should account for when talking about the "timing belts:" interference engines and non-interference engines.

 Salvador Dali,
The Persistence of Memory, 1931
Interference Engines

·       Car Manufacturers (some vehicles made by): Audi, BMW, Acura, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, GM and Saturn, GEO, Honda, Hyundai, Infinity, Isuzu, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

·       Your timing belt or chain has a specified lifespan, typically 60,000 to 100,000 miles or ten years, according to experts.

·       You need to get "the belts replaced before they snap" (said one of the email readers).

·       If you have an interference engine, swapping out your timing belt when it's spent can have a huge impact on the life and health of your vehicle.

Non-Interference Engines (The piston is at top dead center it will never go higher than a fully open valve; that is, the piston can never "interfere" with the valves)

·       Car Manufacturers (some vehicles made by): Acura, Chrysler, Ford, GM and Saturn, GEO, Honda, Isuzu, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

·       Most automakers recommend timing belt replacement around 90,000 miles, though some specify as little as 60,000 or as many as 120,000. Check your owner's manual or maintenance manual to be sure.

·       When a timing belt breaks, the engine will simply stop.


Do yourself (and your car) a favor and get an appointment with Paul's Motors to find out if your timing belt needs to be changed.


Happy Autumn!